Alright maybe I don’t, but after watching Australia I realize why I have always been drawn to it. Australia is gorgeous. Forget the desert wasteland that has been put in front of us in every other movie. Like the movie says you can look at Australia but you have to SEE Australia. I would imagine after a movie like this the industry will be seeing what else they can shoot in Australia, but quite honestly no one can do it like Baz Luhrmann.

The man is a genius. Actually the man is a wizard, just like his characters Nullah and King George. His ability to tell a beautiful story with just as beautiful visuals is uncanny. Australia looks like a painting with some of the most beautiful colors I have ever seen. Baz really creates a total package of a film.

Then throw in some really talented actors that are easy on the eyes and you can’t go wrong. The performances by Hugh and Nicole are very good with a nice balance between the sometimes humorous style and dramatic elements. Though the show is stolen from beginning to end by the young boy Brandon Walters as Nullah. This kids’ eyes scream every single emotion he is feeling, it’s really amazing.

The story is solid from beginning to end and goes beyond where most stories would end. It’s also very interesting to see that this story is about more then just love. It’s about letting Australia be what it has always been because it belongs to the Aboriginals and that makes it beautiful.

Baz Luhrmann has yet to make a film that doesn’t suceed on every level. Australia is definitely a contender for Best Picture at this years Academy Awards. Run out and see the most MAGICAL film of the year.