ivan_arana_el_mariachiFrom the same partnership that will be bringing the Latin market an adapted Breaking Bad series called Metastasis, now comes a show marking the return of the El Mariachi, the film and character that launched Robert Rodriguez’s career.

Retaining the El Mariachi title, the show will be produced in Mexico and already has an order for 70 episodes, so it’s fair to say they’re expecting success. Ivan Arana will star, and you can see he already cuts a fine vengeance-driven, guitar-playing action hero. He actually sort of bridges the –let’s say everyman– looks of Carlos Gallardo from the original film and the rugged handsomeness of Antonio Banderas in the later films.

There’s no mention of Rodriguez being involved in any way- I wonder how much control, if any, he still has over the original $7,000, Colombia Pictures-distributed action film. It might also point to why they’re “adapting” El Mariachi over what I would assume would be the more immediately marketable Desperado title, but that’s all conjecture.

The aforementioned Breaking Bad remake is already deep into shooting, so expect this one to move quickly as well. Hopefully some Mexico-based Chewers can let us know how it turns out.

Source | THR