Word on Michael Dougherty’s Trick ‘r Treat has been pretty good so far. A rough cut of the sorta-anthology flick, which features four interwoven Halloween tales, has been given a good review by Brad at Bloody Disgusting, and has seen AICN and a few other sites throw in support as well.

Not among the supporters: Warner Brothers.

The studio bumped the film from October ’07 to sometime in ’08. Now Bloody Disgusting reports that WB has dropped the film altogether. Legendary Pictures has evidently begun to screen the film in hopes of finding a new distributor. One would have to guess that a DVD release will happen, at the very least, but a theatrical run is looking less likely. Maybe Senator can step in to save the day, assuming they’ve got any coin left after Mandy Lane.

EDIT: Devin wonders if the movie’s association with Bryan Singer, a producer on the flick, is part of the problem. Post-Superman, Singer has an…uncertain relationship with Warners. Could that be part of the equation here? Regardless, between Valkyrie‘s dumping and this, his stock is shaky.