EscapeFromTomorrowWhile the reviews weren’t exclusively positive and much bigger films landed much bigger deals out of Sundance, there’s no doubt the most intriguing film out of Sundance this year was and is Escape From Tomorrow.

This is the film that was shot almost entirely inside Disney theme parks without permission, you may recall. If not, click that link right away and read up on this very crazy, very cool story.

There was a whole lot of “you’ll never get to see this” buzzing from bloggers and film critics at the time and, as predicted, that has turned out to be bullshit. Disney has remained mum on the subject of the film, likely in deference to the potential Streisand Effect looming over the film’s release, which will now come from the distribution arm of Cinetic Media.

Granted, this does indicate Cinetic Media (which is more of a consulting firm for unusual movies) either chose not to or could not manage to negotiate a traditional company to handle distribution. Since the film will debut in theaters in major markets with a day-and-date VOD release though, the difference is immaterial.

The 15-minute shorter cut of the film will be released October 11th, joining the list of fall’s unmissable movies.


Source | LA Times