I’ll have you know that I’m not combing Johnny Depp fansites for images of the actor portraying John Dillinger in Michael Mann’s Public Enemies; it’s just that their maniacal devotion has enabled them to capture some very insubstantial, yet very cool images from the set.  I’m sure Universal hates this unofficial coverage, but this sure beats the gossipy dispatches that (unjustly) put the stink on Miami Vice before the film even had a chance to wrap principal.

Truth be told, the banal driving pics posted to OhJohnny.net (the Depp fansite of record) are easily my favorite of the many banal driving pics that have surfaced over the last several weeks.  Before, we only got a sense of Johnny driving as Johnny; now… for the first time… I honestly feel like I’m seeing Depp drive as Dillinger.  And I like it so very much. 

While we’re talking Public Enemies, we might as well get caught up to date on the recent casting developments.  I have no qualms whatsoever with Billy Crudup playing J. Edgar Hoover (the ages match up, and he’s plenty versatile), but I’m absolutely loving Stephen Lang as Charles Winstead, the badass Texas Ranger who assists Melvin Purvis in his dogged pursuit of Dillinger.  Lang last worked with Mann on the short-lived Crime Story, but he’s probably best known (at least in the Mann-iverse) as the weaselly Freddy Lounds in Manhunter; that should give you an idea of his considerable range.

Remember, when you think Johnny Depp driving vintage cars, think CHUD!