JoBlo is getting some motherfucker BUSTED. How much of a dummy do you have to be to get work on a movie and take a ton of pics on set and then send them to a website? Maybe when he gets blacklisted from the industry he can get a ton of internet sympathy like that projectionist who got canned for sending reviews to Aint It Cool News.

Anyway, this guy was on the set of Dragonball, and he either snapped a bunch of pics or stole them (looking at the varying quality I may guess a little of both), and boy do they look crummy. Judging by the pictures this movie is even cheesier and cheaper looking than I had previously imagined.

Here’s a picture of Justin Chatwin in his pajamas, playing the hero Goku; other pics include lots of martial arts guys and Emmy Rossum. Also some corpses. I guess I should take the same position here that I took with those leaked Spirit pics last week – ie, let’s see how this stuff looks in the final film – but since I think this whole endeavor is retarded, it’s hard for me to be impartial.

Click here to see the rest of the pics, at least until JoBlo gets a C&D.