grandmasters_3I’ve been hearing rave reviews and enthusiastic reflections on Wong Kar Wai’s upcoming The Grandmaster for ages now, and now perhaps the ultimate such endorsement has arrived. Just imagine a reaction so strong it becomes part of the title! That’s what happens when Martin Scorsese loves a movie enough to let Harvey Weinstein trade on it for money, and thus we will now be seeing Martin Scorsese Presents The Grandmaster later this month.

If you’re not up on this one, definitely give the trailer(s) a look. A much more stylish and dramatic take on Ip Man’s life, the film has been attracting regard for month, even as its completion and release date have bounced around for what seems like years now.

5056adc74f1ad520178ff6f5750586baRegardless, the film hits NY, LA, and Toronto on the 23rd, and expands nationally the following week. Even without the eyebrows’ seal of approval I’d be all over it, it certainly doesn’t hurt. It definitely gives TWC a better shot of drawing in more laymen who might be attracted by Scorsese’s name. Weinstein has pulled this trick several times with Tarantino’s presentation of┬áZhang Yimou films, even if it has left some people confused about what that “presentation” actually means.


Source | Deadline