Charlie Wilson’s War is a very good if not a little lighter than expected little message movie masquerading as entertainment from Mike Nichols and a trio of terrific actors [though the cover art of them cheapens things] and one that is surprisingly effective on repeat viewings.

The DVD is on its way to stores real soon and we have some copies to give to lucky readers who enter the contest, follow the rules, and are chosen by yours truly [as opposed to Yor Truly: The Contest Chairman from the Future]. How to win? Use the link below, include your name and mailing address in the email, and answer the questions below.

Also, do NOT ENTER THESE CONTESTS IN THE TALKBACKS. Keep your private info private, silly!

1. What movies featuring Julia Roberts are in your DVD collection?

2. Which is Mike Nichols’ signature film?

3. Remember when Philip Seymour Hoffman was that ‘weird guy from Boogie Nights’? When did you first realize that this guy was a legend in the making?

4. Are you reading CHUD’s blog section and if so, can you get the folks who aren’t doing them regularly off their asses?