Let me first get this off my chest: I did not like the first Harold & Kumar movie. But I don’t think I’m the target audience. The target audience seemingly is everyone aged 15 – 35 that ISN’T me, which is good for you because Harold, Kumar, and Neil Patrick Harris are back for your viewing pleasure!

Audiences have responded very favorably to the trailer for this movie, which I suppose justifies the fact that this film exists. In the same way that the first Austin Powers film did well in theaters but destroyed on home video, so goes the cult of Harold & Kumar. I’d bet dollars to donuts that most of the folks reading this page discovered the film through home video or cable, so as a testament to your fandom and burgeoning wallets, this one’s for you!

Funnily enough, I saw this trailer most recently in front of The Ruins. Odd, eh?

How to procure a ticket good for two folks to a sneak preview of this impending New Line release? Simple. Using the correct link below and including your mailing address, answer the following questions and send an email off to us. If you are picked, a crisp sneak preview pass will wind up in your mailbox sans anthrax.

Beat that, 333-Film!

1. What nationality are you often mistaken for, being one of CHUD.com many ethnically diverse readers?

2. Why is ‘Pot Humor’ so popular?

3. Why did this trailer play in front of The Ruins? Please tell me!