Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg consider Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz to be two entries in a trilogy of films they’ve informally called the ‘Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy’ (all have blood, obviously, and all so far have Cornetto). The two have been working on the script for the final film in the trilogy, but they’ve been super tight lipped about it; they learned a lesson after announcing the title of Hot Fuzz very early and getting barraged with endless questions.

Now, the title of the third film is out there, and it’s The World’s End. What could this movie be? A post-apocalyptic movie? A sci-fi extravaganza? An adventure movie? The title seems to fit all three. Don’t look at me for answers, as Edgar won’t tell me jack shit about this one, and that’s probably the way it should be.

This title comes out of the the news that Edgar has signed with Working Title for two pictures, the other being Baby Driver, a ‘wild spin on the action and crime genre set in the US.’ Working Title has been good to the boys from Spaced, and it’s nice to see Edgar sticking with them.

This, by the way, suddenly increases the number of expected movies from Edgar Wright. Possibly even doubles it by my count: he will begin working on Scott Pilgrim this fall, he has Ant-Man in the works, and now these two films. It’s been a year since Hot Fuzz came out, and I’m dying for some more Edgar Wright brand lunacy and mayhem back on the silver screen.