I’ve never been certain that Frank Miller was the best person to tackle Will Eisner’s The Spirit, and these three new posters showcased in high res at Coming Soon continue to feed the sense of worry that began with Miller’s first, very Sin City-esque teaser images.

From Miller’s production blog I definitely get the sense that he’s got a passion for this character and the story he’s condensed to put on film, but I also wonder to what extent he’s just making a Sin City film with a different name. For some reason I could conscience this more if it was The Shadow, which these posters also suggest, rather than Eisner’s character.

But who am I fooling? Maybe one per cent of the eventual audience for this movie will have even the most basic conception of The Spirit in the first place, and Miller knows it. That being the case, this may just turn out to be a (relatively smart) ploy by Lionsgate to market the movie to Sin City‘s audience. If the movie works on it’s own terms I’ll call it even.

Thanks to Brian Henne, who sends us info on an insanely regular basis, for the link.