More than once while watching Joshua Jackson in Shutter, I thought to myself, ‘this guy is supposed to be Fletch?’ Turns out I needn’t have worried, according to MTV. Jackson won’t be the title character in Fletch Won after all, but the downside is that (once again) the role might be taken over by that memorable hero from The Odyssey, Nobody.

Jackson speaks: “In the way that rights are assigned in this business, when it didn’t happen last summer, I think the rights went back to [a] different person. So the guy that offered me the job, I don’t think owns it anymore, which is unfortunate.

Fletch has definitely been plagued by a host of rights issues, but some small part of me wonders if the producers saw Shutter and then dropped ‘rights issues’ as the Hollywood equivalent of a girl saying she’s got to babysit or have colon surgery on Friday night.

Oh, and I realized as I was about to post this that a lot of people will flock to the article thinking that Jorge Garcia or someone has been cast in the film. I offer no apologies. Hits is hits, I say.