Why is it that when something happens, and it involves adults, we look at it and go that sucks and walk away, but when the same thing happens to a child we become crushed and can’t walk away?

Children are interesting. They are what we once were and often times wish to be. They see things in such innocent ways without the complications of responsibility to society. There is only a responsibility to the individual they care about the most.

So now take that concept and apply it to a situation that any adult would consider wrong and you have Let The Right One In.

This film works on so many levels because it forces you to rethink what vampires do is wrong. Is it wrong to want to survive? Is it fair to deprive someone of something they have been desiring their entire life just because that thing is doing what society considers to be wrong?

Vampires are a tired subject in Hollywood on a level of horror, so much so that now teenage vampire love is being exploited for box office dollars.

Thankfully a foreign filmmaker has the genius to re-imagine not vampires, but the morality surrounding vampires in its most innocent form… a child.


Watch Let The Right One In as soon as you can.