Since seeing the fantastic documentary The Rape Of Europa I’ve been waiting to see a film about the efforts to secure Europe’s art treasures against the destructive Third Reich and, lo and behold, it was none other than George Clooney that has tackled the compelling story. The trailer above promises a lot of humor amidst the serious business of preserving European cultural in the face of a mercilessly obliterating force. A robust cast, the sure hand of Clooney behind the camera, rich photography… Monuments Men looks to be another fine addition to the brilliant-looking back half of this year.

Speaking of great fall movies, we also have our second look at Captain Phillips from Paul Greengrass. The first trailer was damn near perfect, and this second trailer really opens up the story. Perhaps attempting to illustrate for the skeptical how this standoff will make for a compelling film, we get a bigger glimpse of the dynamics at play, along with the suggestion of some humanizing moments for the pirates themselves.