[Thanks to Tyler Nicholas Andersen for nabbing some of the gossip these leathery old men are stirring up between each other! –Renn]

64045814Just a few days ago Sylvester Stallone took to twitter to announce that Bruce Willis was out of the third Expendables movie and Harrison Ford was being added to the
cast. The first tweet was followed up by a second that said “greedy and lazy… a sure formula for career failure.” We are left to assume Stallone meant that Willis was greedy
and lazy for refusing to take part in the impending Expendables movie. While I can’t speak to the degree to which Bruce Willis is either greedy or lazy, I do find the
insinuation that Willis’ career will end in failure to be entertaining and more than a little petty. Sure he has made two (four?) too many Die Hard Sequels, but even at his
least engaged he is endlessly entertaining, and at his most engaged he makes Looper and Twelve Monkeys. I think he is going to do just fine if he doesn’t appear in
another Expendables film.

The Hollywood Reporter is now saying that they have a source who is elaborating on Stallone’s passive aggressive tweets. Apparently Willis was offered three million
dollars for four days of work on Expendables 3. When he countered with four million they told him no. This anonymous insider called Harrison Ford “a better actor
[and] a much nicer person [than Willis].” Sure that’s a crazy amount of money for anyone to ask for (it’s over 10,000 times what I make in four days), the opulence of
Hollywood is always up for discussion, but its the pettiness that strikes me here. I just love that movies that are supposed to be about men being men are surrounded by
so much name calling and gossip.

It’s almost enough for me to want to get back to Twitter, follow Stallone’s account, and see what he has to say next… Almost.