The last time we saw man-eating vegetation on the big screen, it was serenading Rick Moranis. I’m sorry to report that the carnivorous vines in Carter Smith’s adaptation of Scott Smith’s The Ruins aren’t much for show tunes. But they sure mimic the hell out of a ringtone!

The premise of The Ruins is utter simplicity: a quartet of American tourists (Jena Malone, Jonathan Tucker, Shawn Ashmore and Laura Ramsey) decide to add a little authenticity to their Mexican vacation by heading into the jungle to check out some ancient… er, ruins.  Their curiosity leads them to a stone structure that houses a malevolent force of unknown, but incredibly pissed-off origin; once they make contact with it, they’re quarantined by the locals (at gun- and arrow-point), and essentially doomed to remain there until they’re weak enough for the foliage to finish them off.

Basic in concept and brutal in execution, The Ruins is a welcome break from J-horror retreads and torture porn, and it wouldn’t work without the intense performances turned in by its young actors. So before you head out this weekend to see a German guy get his legs amputated via dull blade and stone, why don’t you check out my interviews with the non-plant cast?

We’ll kick things off with the gals:  Jena Malone and Laura Ramsey. And, yeah, we’re doing video interviews now. This excites you more than you care to admit in mixed company.  Enjoy my flailing hands and protruding proboscis.

The Ruins opens wide April 4th.