HER joaquin phoenixSpike Jonze is back, and he’s tackling the happy sadnesses of adults once again. His last film was Where The Wild Things Are in 2009, which I happily endorse as a modern masterpiece, to the consternation of some.

In any event, Jonze’s return to the big screen is a big deal, especially with the recently reignited Joaquin Phoenix in tow. The now thrice Oscar-nominated actor made a thunderous comeback with The Master, and now we’ll be seeing his softer side again with Jonze’s story of a lonely man’s relationship with a sentient operating system, voiced by Scarlett Johannson.

Who wouldn’t fall in very-real love with that voice, I ask…?

Oh, and Amy Adams, Rooney Mara, and Olivia Wilde all make appearances as well, so there’s no shortage of wonderful women appearing in this film.

The film is slated for November 20th, and you can grab the trailer from Apple here.