It took her fifteen years, but it looks like Jennifer Lynch might finally be getting around to apologizing for Boxing Helena.  Below is the German trailer for her sophomore directorial effort, Surveillance, and it already looks like a much more accomplished work than her misbegotten first feature.  If there’s any cause for concern based on this two-minute highlight reel of creepy kids, creepy adults and Bill Pullman, it’s that Lynch could be intending to induce sea sickness in her audience; hopefully, those floating shots are just for the trailer (it looks like a post effect).

Lynch wrote this Rashomon-esque serial killer yarn with Kent Harper, while papa Lynch exec produced.  Even if Surveillance is a big ol’ miss, you’ve got to admire Jennifer Lynch’s daring; casting Julia Ormond as your lead in 2008 is kinda asking for it. 

The film is due out in Germany this summer.  Who knows when it’ll make its way to America.