That’s no fan-art image above- that’s real-deal Matt Groening-endorsed imagery from this week’s upcoming episode of Futurama. The show will feature some kind of cameo or appearance by Finn & Jake of Adventure Time fame, making for the second major cartoon crossover announcement of late.

(I love that they feature exactly the same character designs, just with tiny little Groening mouths…)

I’m a huge fan of Adventure TimeI was once even lucky enough to interview creator Pendelton Ward for CHUD– so this will be enough to ensure I see this Futurama ep right away, rather than much later on Netflix or whatever (as is usually the case these days).¬†For those not familiar with the amazing Cartoon Network series, Jake the Dog is voiced by John DiMaggio so this isn’t a completely arbitrary stunt. Also, the first season is on Netflix… give it a shot. Tonight.

For fellow Adventure Time fans, might I recommend grabbing a copy of the newly-released Adventure Time Encyclopædia? I got one myself this weekend and am mightily impressed with it- a dense tome!