The Clown Travel Agency is open for business, and visitors who are first on the scene at each of the Agency’s locations are, as promised, in for a little surprise.

The latest viral marketing website for The Dark Knight finally got more than a front page today with a promise seen in the image above and a list of specific addresses in 28 cities. The addresses are being revealed slowly as the day goes on, and reports peg each one as a bowling alley.

An Empire reader claims to have found one of the first prizes, which turned out to be a bowling ball inside a bowling bag. The ball apparently had a telephone number scratched into it and the bag also contained an evidence bag, inside which were a phone, a charger, Joker playing card and a note saying to call the number immediately. There’s already a wiki page with photos of the swag (and one of the winners) if you’re too lazy or late to go out and hunt down the stuff yourself.

Calling the number, if nothing else, seems to help verify that the ball has been found; most of the revealed addresses have a passport stamp next to them, indicating that the prize has been claimed.

There’s also action coming this afternoon on I Believe In Harvey Dent and possibly at Concerned Citizens For A Better Gotham. I’m warming up to what WB is doing with these sites; they’re a little bit of non-essential entertainment to parcel out the time until the movie opens. Personally, I’ll be looking for the inevitable eBay auction for one of these evidence sets, if only to see what price some fan will pay for a piece of marketing.