Gus Van Sant’s Milk, about the life and murder of Harvey Milk, is one of my more anticipated upcoming films. The casting so far has been amazing: Sean Penn as Milk, Emile Hirsch, James Franco, Josh Brolin and Diego Luna co-starring. Now an extra on the San Francisco set of the film drops us a line to tell us about another actor who will be appearing in what sounds like a smaller role:

Tom Ammiano in MILK is being played by Eric Stoltz. That’s not out
yet, I
don’t think.

He shot his scenes here in SF, with Sean Penn, in the final
week of

the shoot.

Ammiano, of course, was a long supporter of Harvey
– and himself

was gay (and worked as a school teacher).

This hasn’t
been reported yet, I don’t believe.

I believe his scenes take place a few
years after Milk’s death in

the movie.



IMDB lists Ammiano playing himself in the movie, but I wonder if he’s going to play himself in some kind of bookend thing. Maybe ‘W’ is confused about where Stoltz plays Ammiano; it would make sense for him to play Ammiano as a younger man, when he was San Francisco’s first openly gay school teacher, while the real Ammiano could be playing himself in an epilogue.