Cadillac Records, the movie about Leonard Chess and his Chess Records, continues to add cool people to the cast, which already includes Jeffrey Wright as Muddy Waters and Adrien Brody as Chess. The latest addition is Mos Def, who will be playing Chuck Berry – the guy who essentially invented rock ‘n roll*.

I keep waiting for Mos to have that break out role, the one that really validates all the love I have for him; he’s had plenty of roles that did that for me personally (his Ford Prefect, for example), but I don’t think he’s yet had one that does that for the general populace.

Also joining the cast is Gabrielle Union, who will be playing Muddy Waters’ girlfriend. I’m pretty psyched for this movie, and hoping to see some good images soon.

*Or who stole it from Marty McFly. It’s up to you, I guess.