I’m home, and feeling sort of achey. I rode a horse for the first time yesterday and it’s left my thighs and butt feeling the burn. The Hawaii trip is over and I only mildly humiliated myself – I cornered Forgetting Sarah Marshall director Nick Stoller while drunk and yapped and yapped so much his wife had to save him, my Kristen Bell interview went horribly, and I was, for like the third or fourth time, too intimidated to do a good interview with Judd Apatow – and the trip was mostly terrific. I’m curious to see how all the video I shot turns out – there’s footage of me in a helicopter and me drunk as a skunk at a luau, as well as all the interviews I did.

Here’s the last batch of pictures from my trip (there’s actually one more batch coming – I went snorkeling and bought an underwater disposable camera, but I won’t have those pictures until I get the film developed), and they document my final two days on Oahu.

The helicopter! If you look under the tail you can see the pilot’s dog, Ziggy. Ziggy runs out to meet the chopper after every flight, and she likes to lay under the tail and get all ruffled by the rotor wind. It’s adorable.

Me, all strapped in and ready to die. That’s some lady who does real TV stuff. They filmed us in the helicopter ‘reacting’ to the scenery and she was saying, ‘We’re here at the Sarah Marshall junket high above Hawaii! Look at the gorgeous scenery,’ and I was saying, ‘Holy fuck this is totally fucking nuts! I’m about to shit my pants up here!’ The TV people don’t get us web types.

And now too many pictures of the view from the helicopter. If these are too interesting, you can see the video I took of the helicopter taking off by clicking here. That’s really boring.

We got so close to the mountains that I began to figure out whose carcass to eat first should we crash.

After the helicopter ride I hustled down to the interview area to do my video interviews. Here are some behind the scenes shots of what it looks like to be there:

After the interviews it was time for a luau. Booze and food flowed freely. I tried some poi based on the recommendation of Julia from the New Beverly… I think it was a joke she was playing on me. There was some scandalous behavior at the luau, and while I got pretty blindly drunk, I think other more famous people ended up way more fucked up. Also, Edward Norton showed up.

The pig!

The next morning I had a terrible hangover, but the atmosphere of the North Shore seemed to heal it quickly. I went snorkeling in the morning and horseback riding in the afternoon before catching a shuttle back to the airport.

The Brooklyn Kid rides again! Or: Another happy Make A Wish Foundation client.