6a00d834515c6d69e20147e32d994f970b-320wiFargo is a movie that only gets better upon repeat viewings. It’s not the famous moments that make it click now but rather the little beats in between. Such is the case with most of the Coen Bros. movies. I watch The Big Leboswki now for the space in between the jokes and it’s no less rewarding.

Hell, Burn After Reading has become an all-time favorite specifically for the sheer amount of buried laughs.

So it makes sense that Fargo has become the setting for a TV but the real stinger is that the Coen Bros. are actually involved. As Executive Producers. That can either mean they’ll be heavily involved, tangentially involved, or involved in name alone. You can never tell by a credit. Bottom line is that it’s on FX, which is a great channel. With Billy Bob Thornton as the lead, which is a great coup. And that it’s not based on the characters from the original but a lateral story with subsequent seasons tacking other peculiar thrills from the titular hamlet, which is a great idea.

Fargo: The Show. I’m in.

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