Two months wait this time. Much better.

As always, though, it was worth the wait, as Anita Sarkeesian goes in for the kill, tackling the inversion of the trope (which doesn’t really amount to a damned thing compared to how often we see the opposite), that Super Princess Peach game (which, despite being full of Nintendo charm, is possibly the most assholish game Nintendo’s ever done in terms of gendering), and also dragging the indie wave into the conversation, taking down the ironic use of the Damsel In Distress trope with it, again calling out laziness as a prime culprit rather than true overt female hatred.

The highlight, though, is the little thought experiment at the end, about a kidnapped princess who escapes from prison, throws on some armor, gets framed by the monarchy, and skulks around as a criminal to clear her name, and mark my words, internet, someone better be throwing some code together to make that game happen right the hell now. Yes, with Jennifer Hale narration, don’t get cheap on us here.

With this, the Damsel In Distress portion of Sarkeesian’s series is a wrap. Lest anyone get confused, there’s still several more topics she planned to tackle before this whole thing is done. Keep ’em coming, Anita.

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