Did the article title make you think Lundgren was going to guest on the last season of Battlestar Galacica? I hope so. How great would it be if the last Cylon was Dolph Lundgren?

That’s not the case — or if it is, I don’t actually know about it* — but Dolph is directing again, and his efforts on new film Command Performance have been given an unexpectedly sympathetic overview by The Hollywood Reporter. For once, their article is so great that I really just want to cut and paste the entire thing.

[Lundgren] has continued to work steadily, making movies that are seldom seen in the U.S. but still pack ‘em in around the world.

Not that all the films have been that great, as even Lundgren will attest.

“While the quality has been up and down, I think things are going a little better now that I am directing,” said Lundgren, who began helming with 2004’s “The Defender” after the hired megaphoner fell ill.

But while Dolph’s recent efforts have their appeal, this one sounds so much more wonderful. The synopsis alone is like finding the missing scenes from The Magnificent Ambersons tattooed on the back of the 19-year old Latvian escort who just gave you a freebie.

Lundgren describes “Command” as “‘Die Hard’ at a rock concert,” with the story focusing on a drummer for the warm-up band of a big American performer giving a concert for the Russian premier. Naturally, the bad guys break up the show. And just as naturally, the drummer is an ex-Marine.

How did Lundren, who co-wrote the script with Steve Latshaw, ever come up with such a thing? “I got the idea from Madonna,” he says. In addition to doing his own stunts, Dolph will actually be playing drums for the role.

Command Performance will be directorial effort number five from Lundgren. The movie shoots in Moscow and Bulgaria this summer.

*Nor do I want to know, as I’ll wait for DVD to watch Season Four all at once, just as I have the others. Don’t spoil this for me.