The very last Grand Theft Auto 4 trailer before release has hit the net, and once again Rockstar shows they can cut one like nothing else.

Still can’t believe that this is gameplay footage. Gamevideos and EGM also have an in-depth analysis that goes practically frame by frame through the whole thing and identifies all the little moments that go into making it so beautiful. It’s a tad geeky (alright, more than a little bit) but if you’re like me, the more you hear about this game, the more you want it.

One thing we haven’t touched on here is the multiplayer in the game. It’s going to support 16 players and have 15 modes of play, everything from simple deatchmatches and races, to co-op single player missions and a cops and robbers type game. There’s still a bit of mystery around some of the modes, but it’s already obvious it’s going to be hard playing the single player mode when everyone’s killing each other online.

Another thing that hasn’t been fully revealed is the soundtrack. The GTA series has easily had some of the best soundtracks ever made, and this one looks to be no exception. Rather than focus on a single decade, it’ll have music of all types, from all over the world. Another cool feature? You can get a mp3 player and walk around listening to the radio. No more wishing you didn’t have to leave the car because a great song (or DJ Lazlow… that guy cracks me up) is on.
April 29th, people. You’ll know it’s here when you see every single person on your friends list playing it.