Male or female, gay or straight, tell me you wouldn’t tap that.  Uh-huh.  Now uncross your fingers and say that.

Warren Beatty put it best:  “God invented sex so David Paymer would have something to do when he’s not fucking.”  The co-star of some four hundred comedies (including Amistad), and the director of one unusually erotic episode of Everwood, Paymer is to cinema what Anais Nin was to the 1983 Kansas City Royals: a vile rumor.  He has romanced queens, bedded teens and visited Dollywood twice.  He will not sleep for fear that he’ll wake up in St. Louis. 

And he is now the co-star of Alison Lohman in Sam Raimi’s “spook-a-blast” Drag Me to Hell.  Paymer’s been cast as the “practical bank-manager boss” of Lohman’s cursed protagonist; he’ll be joined by Jessica Lucas and Lorna Raver, who’ll play, respectively, Lohman’s roommate and “a proud Eastern European woman with an old-world belief system who, when defied and humiliated, vengefully casts the curse.”  Justin Long is still on board as Lohman’s boyfriend who leaves her for a practical bank manager.

Principal photography will commence this Monday in Los Angeles.  I have yet to track down a copy of the script, but Latino Review‘s got a review that’s… not very positive.  It’s important to note that this review was posted prior to the casting of the Paymer; it’s a new day for Drag Me to Hell.