That’s a Trask Industries’ Sentinel standing guard over the inaugeration of President Ronald Reagan, just one of the snippets of a Sentinel-filled US history presented by the new viral site for X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

On a detailed, beautifully designed site, you can read tons of details about the history of Trask Industries, along with statistics and figures displayed in gorgeous motion graphic readouts, 360˚ looks at various pieces of tech, and plenty of other content.

list-traskThose that have paid attention to Comic Con panels, watched the coda at the end of The Wolverine, and have kept abreast of other news from the new Singer X-Men production know that this film will definitively combine the original franchise and its new reboot. Characters will cross over, time travel will happen, and some strange continuity reconciling will be necessary (especially since we’ve never really seen a sentinel before!). Some details can be gleaned from this viral site though..

• Sentinels were introduced in 1973 by Bolivar Trask, and are outfitted with MDD (Mutant Detection Devices) and X-Gene supression collars.

• The site (which celebrates “five decades of achievement”  from the first line of Sentinels) promises the introduction of an unseen new model of Sentinels that involve nanotech and bioweapons.

• 2013 is marked as the year Trask Industries “unveils groundbreaking ability to create a hybrid gene with mutant DNA.” Is that a retcon of the mutant suppression formula in The Last Stand, or some other detail that will crop up in the film, which apparently sets “modern” events in 2020.

There’s more to learn by searching the site. Enjoy!