I don’t care if Barry Munday actually follows through on the comedic premise of its oddball plot; the movie will give me one more reason to inexplicably lust after Judy Greer. Seriously, I’m not sure what it is I find really hot about Greer — and this started before Arrested Development, so it’s not that — but whatever, I’ll run with it.

She’s signed on to play the female lead in Munday, which according to The Hollywood Reporter is about “a womanizer (Patrick Wilson) who gets attacked, loses his testicles and discovers that a brief fling with a woman (Greer) he can’t remember has led to a paternity suit.

Chloe Sevigny (geek hate for whom has seemingly subsided now that Diablo Cody is on the scene) is Greer’s sister, Cybill Shepherd is their mother and Billy Freakin’ Dee Williams is Wilson’s boss.

Chris D’Arienzo directs from his own adaptation of Frank Turner Hollon’s novel Life Is A Strange Place. Oddly, Amazon doesn’t have a publisher’s blurb, but one reader says, “Upon waking up in a hospital Barry discovers that his most prized possessions, his family jewels, have been stolen. His testicles, irreparably damaged, have been surgically removed. Reevaluating his life, Barry realizes that work has been something to be avoided, he doesn’t particularly like his best friend, and he will never have children. Things seem to go from bad to worse for Barry. He is chased out of a gay bar by a group of midget wrestlers, and his ex-girlfriend’s dog [named Boner] has taken to defecating on his front stoop. But Barry is soon lifted from wallowing in a pit of self-despair when Ginger Farley, a woman he can’t remember having sexual relations with, sues him for paternity. Ironically through the loss of his testicles Barry is transformed into more of a man than he might have otherwise become.

Yeah, I’m just in this one for Greer and Wilson.