2K Games today revealed at last the three much-anticipated pieces of DLC coming for Bioshock Infinite, and there’s good news and possibly not-so-nifty news. And other good news.

mqdefaultThe good news is that the first part, Clash in the Clouds, is being released on Steam today for $5 (With XBLA/PSN promised later in the week). The  possibly not-so-nifty news (Depending on your point of view)  is that it’s a wave-based arena mode with four maps, 60 challenges and leaderboards. Joystiq spoke with lead level designer Forrest Dowling  who, clearly channeling Ian Faith, explained how its appeal was more selective:

“We knew that (Clash in the Clouds) wasn’t going to be for 100 percent of people out there… It was going to be for people who were really into the gameplay experience and that’s what they want more of.”

The three people who liked Infinite‘s shooting more than its narrative are reportedly very happy, but for everyone else – especially those season pass customers – it all seems rather anticlimactic to say the least.

Thankfully, we have the other good news: 2K also revealed that the second and third DLCs will be a two-part detective story set in Rapture called Burial at Sea, starring Booker and Elizabeth as  a private dick and femme fatale, allowing you to play as both. Or in layman’s terms, ‘much more like it’.

The catch? Burial at Sea: Part One is not expected until later this year, with Part Two coming later.

Trailers for both are embedded below. Now everyone excuse me while I go hug the money I didn’t spend on a Bioshock Infinite season pass.