The Paley Fest’s big X-Files event went down last night at the Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood, which allowed series creator Chris Carter and writer/producer Frank Spotnitz to taunt another crowd o’ geeks with a loud, hectic and completely unrevealing teaser for The X-Files: Return of the X-Files.  Okay, this time I’m really joking; according to Carter, he’s still battling 20th Century Fox over the title of the movie (with the studio preferring The X-Files: Haulin’ Ass to Hoboken). 

According to The Hollywood Reporter‘s James Hibberd, Carter did confirm that this would essentially be a standalone, “monster of the week” episode; in other words, all those ticket buyers Fox desperately needs to turn a profit with this sucker shouldn’t worry about getting lost in the show’s mythology.  Meanwhile, fans needn’t fret that Carter and Spotnitz are hitting some kind of reset button with this second feature; there will be references to shit that went down in past episodes (including details on Scully’s kid). 

Here’s the teaser.  Pretty inconclusive, no?  You’ll have to wait for Iron Man on May 2nd to see the rest.

The X-Files: ? opens July 25th, 2008.