I’d been fully willing to ignore the upcoming Keanu-fueled remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still. I can marvel at it’s very existence in the same way I do deadly leaping manta rays and botched celebrity surgery, but that doesn’t mean I care an iota that it’s been bankrolled.

Somehow, though, I do get a bit irritated that Reeves is happy to invest in a remake no one wants to see but is down on reprising John Constantine.  /Film noticed a nice little paraphrased quote from Keanu that ran on IESB over the weekend. Reeves says that not only is Constantine 2 something he’s no longer interested in, there isn’t a character he’s played that he’s bent on revisiting.

With the exception of Constantine, there aren’t any Reeves characters I want to see revisited, either. I don’t even know why I hold some torch for the London ne’r do well; the first movie was better than I expected it to be, but as a whole I wouldn’t call it much more than ‘decent’. And after the disaster (conceptual but not financial) of I Am Legend, I hold no hope that Francis Lawrence, were he at the helm, wouldn’t make more of a mess on the second pass.