I just got off the phone with the great Kevin J. O’Connor, talking about his turn as Henry Brands in There Will Be Blood for the upcoming DVD release, and he revealed to me that his streak in Stephen Sommers movies has not yet come to an end – he will be in GI Joe.

It’s going to be a really small part – a cameo, in fact – in a flashback scene. O’Connor wouldn’t spill much, but he did say that he plays a scientist. Anybody out there have the script and maybe an idea what this scene could be?

O’Connor has already filmed his bit, and he says that other Sommers regulars may be appearing as well. When I say the cameo is small, I mean it – O’Connor said he wondered why they would have him in for such a quick bit of business, but then he compared it to the Bruce Campbell cameos in the Spider-Man movies. Further proof that Kevin J. O’Connor fucking gets it.

Look for my full interview very soon. The guy was a delight to talk with.