I can’t match Devin’s Mr. Clankington or Period Hat gags on the amount of sleep I had last night, so I’ll just say that I didn’t realize how much I’d missed clean-cut Johnny Depp until photos began to surface from Public Enemies. AICN’s got some great new stuff, with more set photos to be found in a couple Flickr sets. (Here and here.)

Maybe it’s just that the latter two outings of Jack Sparrow spoiled me on Depp’s dreadlocks and dental work, but I’m flat-out excited to see the guy sporting Dillinger’s classic gangster wardrobe in Michael Mann’s new flick. I’m even willing to be that he’ll be able to equal and possibly top the work of my great man-love, Warren Oates, as John Dillinger.

Part of the excitement here, I’ll grant, is simple enthusiasm for another Mann project. We got word of this only a few months ago and cameras have already been rolling for a couple weeks. That lends the project at least the illusion of a positive momentum; we’ll see if that’s plays out on screen next year.

In the meantime we’ve yet to see pics of Christian Bale’s Melvin Purvis, but somehow I doubt many people are really clamoring for images of Stephen Dorff.