The website for Son of Rambow, the perfect movie to wipe away those first half of the year sucks at theaters blues, is up and running. It features the trailer and a freeform filmmaking contest where you submit a short film – about anything - and the filmmakers will judge a winner.

Son of Rambow opens in May, and I’ll be holding my review until closer to release, but know that this is probably the next great CHUD pimped movie. And with good reason – it’s a wonderful paean to the magic of childhood and the thrills of imagination and creativity. Perhaps best of all, filmmaking duo Hammer & Tongs don’t sugarcoat what being a kid is all about; for the first time in years and years I saw movie kids in a kid-friendly movie acting like my friends and I acted when we were that age, with all the good and bad things that implies.

There’s so much that’s wonderful about this movie that I want to just keep writing about it, but I’ll save more for later. Know this, though: Son of Rambow might be the first compulsory CHUD movie. This is a film that every reader of this site must see.