UPDATE: In a move that should shock no one who has ever seen a DVD double dip, the Weinstein Company has just announced that they’re going to release both the Cancer and No Cancer versions of Fanboys on DVD. What’s awesome is that they’re doing ‘joint’ releases – ie, two different DVDs that you must buy separately. Make em pay twice, Harv! As for the theatrical version: The Weinstein Company is ‘exploring options.’

Does this mean you freaks will not protest anymore?

ORIGINAL TEXT: So the 4,000th US soldier died in Iraq this week. What will the members of the Star Wars community be protesting on Friday? The Weinstein Company’s Superhero Movie, so they can show their displeasure about Harvey Weinstein fucking with Fanboys, a movie that should have been released and sunk into obscurity with Comic Book The Movie a long time ago.

There’s something incredibly depressing about people getting riled up and taking to the streets about a movie being mishandled*. Think of all the causes that could use your help in raising awareness, and the one you choose is… this? It’s called perspective, and you should get some. If you’ve even considered going and protesting I’d really like you to take a moment to look into your soul and ask yourself two questions:

1) Am I involved with the making of this film?


2) Am I really this big a fucking douchebag?

If you answered no to both of these questions, stay home. If you answered yes to either one, I hope people throw eggs at you while you picket. I’ve been in protests where the cops went nuts and pepper sprayed and maced people – I was angry at the time, but I know that if the mounted police waded into a group of fucktards protesting a movie getting edited, I’d be cheering and clapping like I was in The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps: ‘Oh Hercules! Hercules! Hercules!’

Look, if you really do think it’s a crime what Weinstein is doing (although since you haven’t seen the movie in any form, I don’t know how you could think it is, and it isn’t like this is the latest work by a genius being fucked with), make your voice heard on the internet or maybe make a phone call to the Weinstein Company offices, but protesting? Think this one through.

By the way, here’s the video that is being used to ‘rally the troops.’ It’s sort of weirdly ironic to see Star Wars fandom ranking on a dude for being fat. It’s also weird to see Fanboys being compared to Gangs of New York.

* Which it has been since draft one of the script, which sucked.