There are times when I like to think that Kristen Bell has been a naughty girl, but, oddly, I’ve yet to imagine acting alongside Jon Heder as a suitable punishment.  Unfortunately, writer-directors David Diamond and David Weissman are not beyond such perversions. 

The last time I wrote about the Kirsten Bell star vehicle When in Rome, Mark Steven Johnson was attached to direct.  Guess someone at Disney got subjected to an MSJ marathon between now and then, ‘cuz, according to Variety, the defiler of Daredevil is officially off the project.  This means Diamond and Weissman, who previously impressed in all the wrong ways with Evolution and The Family Man, will make their feature directing debut on the romantic comedy about some chick who swipes a coin from a famous Roman fountain and finds herself beset by a flock of overzealous suitors. 

Heder, who previously impressed in nothing (but annoyed in plenty), will play a street magician who attempts to win over the once and future Veronica Mars.  Truth be told, that’s not bad casting; those motherfuckers are eminently assault-able.  Joining Heder in the pursuit of Ms. Bell will be Dax Shepard, who’s been cast against type as a self-absorbed prick.  While Diamond and Weissman are settling for third and fourth choices, they might as well see what Jason Biggs and Thomas Ian Nicholas are up to.

When in Rome begins shooting soon (on location in New York City and Rome!).  Look for Disney to unload it next January.