grease biehn

grease biehn2That’s Michael Biehn being stared at by Danny Zuko!

Michael “It’s pronounced Bean” Biehn gets punched in Grease. By Johnny Travolta! I thought I’d lived my life pretty well and that I kept my shit on a swivel enough to be more on top of information like this. I’ve watched Grease more times than I can count. First as a Drive-In kid back in 1978 when the film came out, then many times ironically and unironically as a youth. Now as a dad with two kids who love it to death.

Recently I’m watching the thing and I notice a dude who looks just like the star of Michael Biehn films. And it is!

There’s a part of me that wants to pretend he’s been sent back in time to be punched by one of the T-Birds for some arcane reason only cyborgs and soldiers can understand.