EDIT 1: Now THR is reporting announcements for Flash and Justice League in 2015 and 2017 respectively are on their way. Stay tuned. [EDIT 2: NOPE.]

We’re a few hours out from confirmation on this one folks (check back for updates), but here’s the big news out of Comic Con:

According to the LA Times, Warner Bros. will be announcing their followup to Man Of Steel (which just crossed a modest but successful $620m WW with a bit of steam left) and that it will in fact feature both Superman and Batman. There is no word on who might play Batman from the film, other than a reiteration of Christian Bale’s comments that he is well and truly done with the part. Does that leave the door open for Nolan’s backdoor replacement choice from TDKR, or mean a full casting reboot? No word yet…

The only other substantial information is that Christopher Nolan will produce. David Goyer will surely be writing it, and I assume this will remain in Snyder’s court, if it is effectively the Man Of Steel sequel.

This is huge news- the exact film that DC fans have clamored for with a passion for many many years. More than Justice League it seems fan’s team-up dreams start here. For me though, the timing is all off! Man Of Steel is a solid start for a franchise, but introduced as many problems as it solved for the character. I was really hoping for a thoughtful second entry to put Snyder’s take on the hero on surer footing, and weaving him in with Batman and an expanding universe, thus moving into fan-service mode so quickly just does not seem right for the character. We’re talking about an all-powerful superhero who still has no substantial relationship with the population of the planet to which he devotes himself! Dangerous creative move…

Chewers? Are you ready for this bomb to drop at the WB panel in a few hours? Are you excited, anxious? Something else? Drop a load in the comments below.