Now that we’ve dispelled wild rumors about Dirty Harry’s return, how ’bout shooting down idle speculation that Bob Odenkirk and David Cross are restarting Mr. Show at HBO?

Though the announcement posted to their website last Friday was enticingly vague enough to suggest this possibility, The Hollywood Reporter has spilled the particulars, and… it’s a sitcom!  The show, titled David’s Situation, will star Herr Cross as himself, and will revolve around his new life in a gated community, where he’s shacked up with two ideologically opposed roommates – i.e. one’s a “liberal hippie”, while the other is a “right-wing conservative”.  Political for a change, eh, David?

Frankly, this show could be about a family of irascible manatees, and I’d be all over it.  Though Odenkirks forays into feature directing have been wildly uneven (The Brothers Solomon wasn’t terrible), he’d have to go the Steve Martin route for a solid decade before I could even consider losing faith in him.  Right now, it sounds like Odenkirk is mostly going to be a behind-the-camera presence, though I predict he’ll turn up in some recurring capacity by episode two.  And that’ll make my peepee grow.

The pilot for David’s Situation will shoot this May, but there’s no indication of when it’ll air just yet.