There’s a couple of series that will always be my critical Kryptonite. I’ve been a sucker for Castlevania and Ninja Gaiden for ages. Strider was the first Genesis game I’d ever seen, and compared with the completely bizarre, nonsensical NES port, the Genesis version was God moving over the face of the water. Thankfully, except for Strider Returns, the games have lived up to the dreams in my head, but since all you sons of bitches didn’t buy Strider 2 like you should’ve, we’ve been without this character outside of Marvel vs Capcom for too long.

Today is a sweet day.

Capcom took time out of its busy Comic Con schedule to release the first trailer for Strider, which will be going to your digital download service of choice in 2014. Don’t care that Double Helix, whose track record is spottier than your average leopard, is developing it. Don’t care that it’s going to next gen while still looking like an early XBLA title. Don’t care, don’t care, don’t care. There’s a new Strider happening.

Shut up and take my god damned money.

Have a trailer.

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