Homer_Vs__Peter_Dream_Fight_by_AngelCrusherIt’s a tradition that dates back to the Jetsons and Flinstones, and now animated worlds will collide again as Fox will air an episode of Family Guy that includes the Grififins traveling to Springfield to become friends with the Simpsons. There’s even a synopsis of sorts from the source of the news, TVLine:

“…in no time, the plus-sized pals are drinking brews and debating whether Duff or Pawtucket is the better beer. Meanwhile, Stewie is charmed by Bart’s old-school mischief; Lisa makes it her mission to find Meg’s talent (good luck with that!); and Marge and Lois become bosom buddies.”

So that’s that (assuming this is legit, of course).

Not only has it been ages since I’ve watched or cared about The Simpsons or Family Guy, but it’s been so long that any anti-passion I harbored has faded as well. I’ll admit that anytime either show happens to be on in a room, I usually net a chuckle or two per few minutes. Their used to be some bad blood between shows (largely due to MacFarlane’s show having a penchant for swiping Simpsons gags) but even that has been many many years past.

The episode is over a year out, so superfans of both shows should keep calm.