Since the honorable Ricky Gervais and Matt Robinson have been kind enough to throw CHUD a link on Ricky’s production blog (after I was kind enough to compare their screenplay for This Side of the Truth to “reading Hardy on a bitchin’ water slide”), the least I could do is link back with the latest casting news… two days late. 

Honestly, I mistakenly thought Russ covered this with his post from a few days ago.  But he didn’t, and, by now, you’ve probably learned from competing sites that the magnificent Christopher Guest, Tina Fey, Jeffrey Tambor and John Hodgman have joined the cast of their destined-to-be-better-than-Kazaam comedy about a world in which lying does not exist – i.e. until Gervais’s character concocts a lie in a moment of extreme panic.  It’s a simple premise brilliantly exploited, and if you don’t want to take my useless word for it, just look back over the talent involved (and remember that Louis C.K., Jonah Hill, Jennifer Garner and Rob Lowe were already on board); this film has the potential to be something special.

So here’s hoping Ricky and Matt don’t fuck it all up!  Hopefully, I’ll have more to share with you regarding this project as it progresses.  Until that blessed day arrives, you should absolutely read my Crop Report (which has been lightly redacted for fear of a whopping C&D from Warner Brothers).