Not sure if a small-scale bust was really the way to go, in terms of debuting the design of the Sentinels from X-Men: Days Of Future Past, but there it is. Along with some propoganda-style posters flanking the “Trask Industries” branded display, the head of a Sentinel looks out upon the Comic Con crowds this weekend, and thus we were introduced to the top of the design of the (typically) giant, mutant-hunting machines. I’m not super jazzed by the goofy plastic cover and bland Transformers-esque anthropomorphized face, but this is likely to be done more justice in motion and on screen.

I assume the Sentinels will actually be towering robots and this is in fact a quarter-scale (or smaller) representation, but I may have missed some sad shrinking news at some point…





What do you think of the design? See that thing hunting down Fassbender, McAvoy and the gang?

Source | i09 & /Film