After a lot of people telling me that Supernatural was a good show I downloaded the pilot from the Xbox Marketplace*. It was okay for a show about two gay male models who imitate Buffy and The X-Files. It was okay enough that I’ll download the upcoming episode I heard about where Jason Voorhees makes a guest appearance. That’s kind of a cool cross over.

But… what if it didn’t stop there? As you know, Platinum Dunes is resuscitating the Friday the 13th franchise, and now they’ve announced their first casting choice: Supernatural‘s Jared Padalecki (one of the gay male models. Not sure which one) will play the lead, a guy who – get this – ‘investigates what happened up at
Crystal Lake.’ Could he be playing his Supernatural role?

I doubt it, but I bet that somewhere on the web a forum will be abuzz with this.

By the way, the Platinum Dunes Friday the 13th keeps getting called a remake, and to the best of my knowledge (and my knowledge is not the best at the moment), it’s not. Unlike the original Friday, this has Jason as the killer. Unlike Friday Part 2, this has Jason in the hockey mask. My understanding is that this takes place some time during the series. It’s like Platinum Dunes finally figured out that you have to free Jason from all the half assed continuity and just have fun with the character.

Friday the 13th will hit theaters on Friday the 13th of February, 2009. Jesus I want to visit this set.

*Seriously, fuck your hi def discs, this is the future.