acd5e6cc0bad84f51ec0e90e5acb0bc4Yesterday we got a much clearer glimpse into the great horizons for David Fincher and it boils down to this: dude’s doing Gone Girl, everything else will go to hell.

There are some caveats: the possibility of him actually directing The Girl Who Played With Fire to follow up The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo for Sony isn’t 100% dead, just mostly, pretty much dead. The director has committed himself to Gone Girl, so aligning his schedule with Daniel Craig’s to get the secondĀ MillenniumĀ film going pretty much ensures Sony would have to wait till 2015 to get that party poppin’. Considering the first film’s less-than-phenomenal performance, they don’t sound keen on letting more air leak from these tires- the book series has largely evaporated from the zeitgeist in favor of grey shades and such.

As for 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, apparently all that noise we heard about a deal in Australia was a bunch of strategic wanking from the film commission down under. Cute stunt, but it amounted to nothing as Disney and Fincher have apparently long since moved on.

So this leaves Gone Girl, which is angling to nab a splashy female lead like, say, Rosamund Pike- the apparent front-runner. The thriller revolves around a man defending his innocence after his wife disappears, which would seem to keep Fincher in his cool, blue thriller phase.

While fabulous music videos hold me over, I don’t like wasted years between Fincher film, so hopefully motherfucker walks on a set sooner rather than later.


Source | Indiewire