Judging from all the new details on Rayman Legends from a preview over at Eurogamer, I think we all have learned a valuable lesson: Never bitch about a game delay. It can only mean good things.

In Legends‘ case, the good things are especially mindblowing, since the game is now being stuffed with 40(!) levels ported over from Origins, including a few of those addictively aggravating Tricky Treasure runs, redone with the new UbiArt engine, giant boss fights at the end of each level, a new gimmick called Invasion, where previous cleared levels get a whole different host of enemies, and a soccer minigame called Kung Foot which, according to Joystiq, originated as an in-house blowing-off-steam minigame created for Ancel’s staff after Origins was done, and now included simply for shits and giggles.

Now, imagine if this game had still come out in March, without all of that, and as a WiiU exclusive. Still mad?

Also, the Eurogamer article also managed to slip in there that one of the other musical stages will be centered around Anthrax’s Antisocial. So far, that joins Black Betty and a mariachi/kazoo rendition of Eye of the Tiger.

It’s still coming September 3rd. I don’t suppose it’s too early to call Platformer of the Year a done deal yet, is it?

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