You cannot get Night of the Creeps on DVD. Well, not legally, and if you do get a bootleg, it’s likely a copy of a VHS. I’m still trying to figure out where this ranks in crimes against cinema, but I think it’s right around RKO editing The Magnificent Ambersons. Like, just a little bit worse than that.

But fret not – at least if you live in the major Los Angeles metropolitan area. Tonight, Friday and Saturday you’ll be able to see Night of the Creeps Fred ‘Jesus’ Dekker intended it, on a big screen with a crowd of fright fiends at the New Beverly. And if you go on Friday, you’ll get to meet The Dekk himself, as Fred will be doing a Q&A. Maybe Shane Black will come out and the two old buds can finally make up. History could happen!

They’re also showing Monster Squad, but a) you just bought that on DVD and b) Night of the Creeps is so much fucking better I can’t even begin to tell you. First of all, Tom Atkins is in Night of the Creeps. Second of all, these are the names of the characters: Christopher Romero. James Carpenter Hooper. Cynthia Cronenberg. Det. Cameron. Det. Landis. Sgt. Raimi. Third of all, Tom Atkins is in Night of the Creeps.

So come out to the New Beverly – click here for all the important info – and support not just rep theater culture but one of the great horror films you cannot watch at home. I’ll be there on Friday. Assuming somebody gives me a ride. Jesus, I really need a car.