The bizarre casting for the GI Joe movie – Siena Miller? Joseph Gordon Levitt? Channing Tatum? Dennis Quaid? – had me intrigued in a sort of ‘Man, this is going to be a weird movie to watch’ kind of way, but never interested in the film as a film. And especially not interested in the film as some kind of juvenile nostalgia trip.

But one publicity photo shows up and all of a sudden my tune is subtly but surely changing. That image of Snake Eyes (go to Latino Review for the whole thing) actually kind of hit me in the Dumb Movie center of my brain. All of a sudden I remembered that Stevie Sommers had done Deep Rising before throwing away his cred on a bunch of absolute shit films. Maybe he can recapture that magic?

Of course Sommers has always had a keen eye for casting, and his productions LOOK great. That’s why it’s impossible to tell from early images just what this GI Joe film will turn out to be. Still, there’s no denying that this Snake Eyes pic works for me. Completely.